Session Title: School-Based Threat Assessment and the Role of the Mental Health Professional

Instructor Name: Rudy Lorber,


Email  [email protected]

  Phone   253-630-1420 / Cell Phone  253-394-2885

Course Description:  Dr. Lorber will provide an overview of the threat assessment team process and the role of a qualified Mental Health Professional, including the impact of neurological and psychiatric disorders upon overt aggressive behavior, atypical thinking, and the expression of threat-related behaviors.  Case studies will also be used to demonstrate concepts

Instructor Bio:

Dr. Rudy Lorber is a Neuropsychologist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is Nationally Board Certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, School Psychology, and in School Neuropsychology.  His research and national presentations have focused on neuropsychological and behavioral disorders and the development and expression of aggressive/threatening behaviors.  For more than 30 years Dr. Lorber has conducted in-depth forensic assessments of children and adolescents regarding the underlying neuropsychological, psychopathological, and behavioral factors that may foster threatening and aggressive behaviors.  Additionally, he has consulted with schools and organizations throughout the country regarding mental health issues, including those that can result from threatening and disaster situations.  Finally, as an Associate Consultant for Comprehensive School Safety, LLC Dr. Lorber has engaged in the training of threat assessment professionals, threat assessment teams, and public and private organizations.