Session Title: Crisis Negotiation for Patrol & Bus Rescue / Control Review.

Instructors: Timothy Durand

                    Stacey    Dreyer

                       Mark       Thomas

                     Derick       Oates  

Email [email protected]

Phone 425-327-2986

Course Description: This course was designed after witnessing a basic lack of negotiation skills among our boots on the ground warriors during training evolutions, and real life calls for service.  The purpose of this course is to give officers who need to communicate with a person in crisis tools to help raise the rational thoughts, while lower the emotions of those in crisis.

Instructor Bio:

React Solutions instructors are all current Law Enforcement Officers & bring to you approximately 84 years of Law Enforcement experience.  Each member provides a prospective earned by years of differing and varied experiences in both the Law Enforcement & Emergency Medical Training.  Together they have developed, taught & continue to advance patrol response and tactics for those who matter, patrol, the true boots on the ground.