Session Title: Detection of Marijuana Use among school aged youth

Instructor:Name Mike Graddon

Email: [email protected]

Phone 253-740-5002

Course Description: Cannabis legalization is a reality as today's cannabis laws are going through a major overhaul. Trying to negotiate within the crazy quilt of the laws can be difficult. Understanding the cannabis culture and recognizing the cannabis induced state has never been more important. This specialized training candidly offers necessary information on cannabis. What does the “high” experience look like? This course guides participants through systematic steps of detecting someone suspected of being under the influence of cannabis. Course topics include the different types of cannabis, acute psychological and physiological effects, route of substance administration, onset and duration of effects, current paraphernalia, hidden compartments, evaluation methods, and documenting findings for both written and verbal testimony.

Instructor Bio:

Mike Graddon is the founder and chief presenter for DRUG EDUCATION SERVICES, LLC. He has been a Police Officer in Washington State since 1999 and is currently a Sergeant serving in the Patrol Division. He received a Master of Education in Health Studies from Temple University, earning his degree while working in the adolescent psychiatric unit at south Philadelphia’s Mount Sinai Hospital. He earned his BA from Eastern Washington University, where he competed in NCAA Division 1 Track and Field. His focused area of expertise is in evaluating individuals who are suspected of being under the influence of drugs, while actively working as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) for his department. He is both a DITEP and SFST Instructor. He has held several positions within the police department, including working on Specialized Anti-Crime Teams and as the School Resource Officer. During his assignment in the schools, he was a columnist for a weekly publication he created on school safety. His dedication to education and training strategies inspired him to develop and publish the Marijuana Recognition Guide and Pupil Gauge. This valuable resource is being used throughout Washington as a must-have reference guide for practitioners, employers, school officials and parents.