Welcome to the Washington School Safety Organization web site.  We are an organization comprised of School Administrators, School Security Officers, DARE Officers, GREAT Officers and School Resource Officers.  We combined both the Washington DARE Officer’s Association and the Washington School Security and School Resource Officer’s Association to create this new and exciting organization. 

The W§O ("wazzo") goal is to not only unite law enforcement, security professionals and educators, but to develop effective community partnerships.  With a strong network of experts who share this goal, and through advanced specialized training, we can ensure the safety of our schools, students and staff. 

Throughout Washington, students and communities  receive the benefits of W§O members, all promoting a safe and secure learning environment. Every year we bring together trainers and experts from around the state and the nation, to address current trends, topics and training that promotes school safety and provides vested members with the skills and tools to better perform their jobs.

 We are hoping that you will want to be a part of this organization and will join us at our Annual Training Summit held every summer. We look forward to meeting you and working together to keep our schools safe!



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